3 AI that learnt what they sould not have!

AI’s that learned what they should not have

Sometimes, working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) might produce funny or unwanted results when it does not learn properly, or it learns differently from what we expected. This behavior is due to a diverse variety of possibilities, but some common key points are the reason for malfunctioning AI. The main and one of the most essential […]

The Autonomous Car Race: Why Car companies Need to Speed up

We are on the brink of the fourth technological revolution of the modern era; The car will be the central protagonist of this revolution, as it combines a physical space, a moving environment that transports users, and a center for interaction.

The Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Retailers worldwide are already putting the technology to great use to improve their businesses. A quick look through the retail industry shows how the capabilities of machine learning are helping retailers.