Touch screens today are used extensively in public spaces. They can be found in information kiosks, grocery store express checkouts, airline check-in counters, ticket vending machines and many others.

But what the current pandemic shows is that they also can bear the potential risk of spreading deadly diseases. Gestoos’ air touch technology lets consumers interact worry free from a safe distance by emulating the touch experience.

Here’s how: Using a depth sensor interface, the Gestoos software controls the mouse cursor of the operating system, mapping the finger coordinates to its screen position. Similar to any touch screen, click events are triggered when the finger tip gets within a specified distance to the screen, insuring both precision and safety.

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Digital Spaces SDK

Going beyond touch-free technology, Gestoos offers a large range of tools for gestural interaction which are packaged in our SDK for both Windows and Linux. These give you the flexibility to design gestural-based applications within your favorite development environment.

The Gestoos SDK contains a rich set of libraries to develop applications in C++, HTML5/JS or Unity.
In addition to providing superior precision and robustness, Gestoos software gives you the option to train and detect your own custom gestures!

The Gestoos SDK lets you develop applications for both RGB webcams or depth Sensors like Astra Orbbec, RealSense D415, D435 & SR305, Occipital Structure & Structure Core, and PMD Flexx.

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Activity monitoring & audience measurement

Gestoos technology has the power to detect and understand human activities and behavior.
In public spaces this can contribute greatly to improving safety by detecting potentially dangerous or undesired situations. For example:
  • Unsafe behavior e.g. child climbing handrail on escalator
  • Vandalism
  • Violence between people
  • Smoking in non-permitted areas
For retail stores Gestoos technology opens up various opportunities to gain insights into the customers and their interests. For example, to what extent are consumers looking at or engaging with products in the store? In what areas, and with which specific products? Gestoos can track this by:
  • People counting
  • Hot Areas identification
  • Hand tracking with objectrecognition
  • Gaze detection

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