Gestoos for Digital Signage delivers interactive content experiences that increase digital engagement in stores, malls and out of home environments.

Dramatically increase audience awareness and engagement

Improve brand affinity through great customer experience

Measure audience segmentation

Capture out of home audience engagement metrics & analyze performance

The Gestoos Solution for Digital Signage



For designers, developers and creative agencies. Design for immersive interactions.



Install and run the interactive experience on screens at POS.



Activate this powerful tool to understand the effectiveness of your content.

The Gestoos Digital Signage software

Understand the Gestoos Digital Signage ecosystem of Gestoos Studio authoring, Gestoos Engine runtime, and Gestoos Analytics interaction.
These three components work together seamlessly to allow you to develop measurable, immersive gesture based experiences – from initial creative development to on location deployment to audience and content analysis.

Gestoos Interaction Gallery

Watch this video of interaction modules to see examples of what can be created using Gestoos.
With our easy Gestoos Studio tutorials you can customize these modules, so you can capture viewer attention and engage them in immersive, intuitive gesture based experiences.

What you need to run Gestoos Digital Signage

• A screen to display your experience
• A commercially available depth sensor:

– Orbbec Astra/Astra Pro and Astra mini
– Occipital Structure Sensor
– Asus Xtion PRO

• A computer or Nuc:

– Windows 8/10
– 64 Bit PC (Intel i5 2.8Ghz)
– Minimum 8GB RAM


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