“Remote free” experiences

Gestoos allows users to interact freely using mid-air gestures, by connecting each movement to a command within the TV or Set Top Box. This facilitates easy, touch-free interaction, which can be integrated into other voice based artificial intelligence systems.

Users can change the channel, scroll ahead or jump to the next episode without needing to use a remote control. Gestoos can even detect the exact head position of a listener, to enable their home stereo to optimize the sound for specific head locations.

  • Hands Free, No Remote
  • Cross-the-Room Interaction
  • Smart User Detection

Enhanced interactions

To enhance the user experience of smart speakers, users can employ gestures in combination with voice commands.

For instance, users can avoid any unwanted triggering of a smart speaker by using a specific gesture to activate it. Following this, use simple gestures to control your smart speaker, when these are more intuitive or convenient than voice commands.

  • Multimodal interaction

intuitive control 
of smart devices

Users can transform human interactions into commands for home appliances, thanks to Gestoos’ hand and head detection system.

For example, users can simply point at the smart thermostat on the wall and rotate their hand to change the temperature setting, or adjust a lamp’s light output by indicating the lamp and then raising/lowering their hand.

These gestures can also be combined with voice commands for the most intuitive multimodal experience possible.

  • Remote Free Smarthome Control
  • Cross-the-Room Interaction

enriched AR/VR
content interaction

Gestoos has the capacity to detect hands and fingers, and incorporates them into virtual or augmented reality thanks to advanced multiple computer vision techniques.

Gestoos’ technology offers superior performance alongside increased accuracy and reliability, with reduced susceptibility to occlusions.

Users can enjoy a robust experience, even against complex backgrounds and in extreme lighting conditions.

  • Objects & hand detection for games

Activity monitoring

Gestoos has the power to detect human activities and behavior, opening possibilities for automatic responses in smart home environments.

For instance, an alert can be triggered for circumstances in which a person has fallen down and not gotten back up. Alternatively, a user could schedule warnings for when their children come too close to a fireplace.

Users can also program their TV to automatically lower its volume and then turn itself off if a viewer falls asleep, or pause when the viewer leaves the room.

  • Automatic responses
  • Accident prevention

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