The Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Retailers worldwide are already putting the technology to great use to improve their businesses. A quick look through the retail industry shows how the capabilities of machine learning are helping retailers.

Gestoos on the Invision blog

We’ve been fascinated with touchless interaction for quite some time. But we’re just starting to see gestures being incorporated in mainstream interactive products—and not just Microsoft Kinect games.

Visions For The Future of UI: Her or Minority Report?

Every decade or so a new (sci-fi) movie comes out that completely transforms the way we think about the future of technology. For more than 10 years, that movie was Minority Report.

Life After Mobile: VR and AR Will Be Powered by Multimodal Interactions

Our technological future is beginning to emerge from a fuzzy fragmented puzzle into a crystal clear vision of how we will interact with technology in a post-mobile world.

Including Privacy in Human Interaction by Design

The amount of time we interact with screens in our daily life is at an all time high. Already the gross of our on-screen time is spent on mobile devices instead of desktop computers.

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