Gestoos enables drivers and passengers to interact using air-gestures, by connecting each gesture to a command within the main infotainment system as well as any backseat system.

This creates straightforward multi-user interaction with the system resulting in reduced distractions for the driver, and a more comfortable experience for the other passengers too.

Users can employ simple, intuitive gestures to accept or reject calls, change music volume, adjust temperature and air conditioning settings or control the LCD map display.

  • Less Distraction
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Easier Interaction


Gestoos’ in-car environment detection solution also helps drivers stay focused on the road ahead.

Gestoos can detect a lack of attention or signs of drowsiness in drivers by monitoring head positioning. Knowing this, the Gestoos software can warn drivers to keep their attention on the road or take a break when needed.

In the shift towards autonomous vehicles, understanding each driver’s mental state will be critical to detecting when to transition control between car and driver.

  • Drowsiness Detection
  • Distracted Driving Alerts
  • Passenger Detection

Passenger Monitoring

Gestoos’ driver monitoring solution can detect the existence of both driver and passengers, allowing it to monitor specific activities or behaviors.

For instance, users have the option to automatically adjust vehicle temperature control systems and seat configuration according to passenger location and size.

Alternatively, the system can help protect the safety of passengers, children or pets, and avoid accidents thanks to its detection and understanding of car occupants and their behavior.

  • Passenger aware driving support
  • Internal-external sensor integration

Enriched Content Interaction

Autonomous cars are set to progressively shift the experience away from driving and towards a shared environment with enriched content interaction.

Cabins will incorporate more viewing surfaces and each of the vehicle’s passengers will be able to interact independently.

They will be able to navigate the web, view emails or watch videos by using simple gestures like point and “air” click. This can be extended to what’s outside the car, by pointing at an interesting landmark or restaurant to learn more and then having the information displayed on the window glass, car screen, tablet or personal device.

  • Augmented environment
  • Multimodal interaction
  • Extended virtual assistance

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