Natural Cockpit Control

More intuitive control using gesture commands for cockpit functions including climate, communication, entertainment and driving dynamics.

Passenger Monitoring

Enhanced safety through alertness, driving habits, and other potentially dangerous.

Autonomous Vehicle Integration

Coordinate with autonomous vehicle sensors to enhance driver awareness and responsiveness to external.

Natural Cockpit Control

Dashboard, infotainment, climate, and other functions can be controlled with intuitive gestures using just one hand. No need to find and press buttons, hunt around on a touch screen, or struggle with awkward voice commands.

Answer the phone, send a call to voice mail, change volume, navigate and zoom maps.

  • Less Distraction
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Easier Interaction

Passenger Monitoring

Gestoos enables the car to monitor passenger behavior and detect distracted driving, drowsiness, and other situations where the car should alert the driver to maximize safety.

Recognize and alert the passengers to any unusual movement or behaviour that might be potentially dangerous, including talking on a cell phone, not wearing a seatbelt, and more.

  • Drowsiness Detection
  • Distracted Driving Alerts
  • Passenger Detection

Autonomous Vehicle Integration

Gestoos knows what’s going outside of the car as well. By integrating with external facing sensors, Gestoos can analyze external conditions and combine them with the passenger status inside the car. If Gestoos knows the driver looking away from the road and a dangerous situation develops ahead, the vehicle knows to warn the driver to bring their attention back to driving.

  • Passenger aware driving support
  • Internal-external sensor integration

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