Fewer distractions. Easier control.

Gestoos for human behavior detection

Did you know that up to 6000 fatal crashes each year are caused by drowsy drivers? In fact, each day in the United States, at least 8 people are killed in crashes that involve a distracted driver.

Gestoos Artificial Intelligence can recognize the driver’s state of attention and trigger the appropriate alert.

Keeping drivers alert

Autonomous vehicles will enable new ways of driving, with more freedom than ever before. In occasions where the driver gets distracted, Gestoos can call the autonomous vehicle to take control.

Monitoring the passengers

Your young children can be safe in the back! Gestoos can be adapted to recognize any unusual movement or behaviour that might be potentially dangerous. It would then alert the driver in case of an emergency.

Enhanced experience

While driving through beautiful landscapes you can use Gestoos to take photos without the need to stop or reach for your camera. Just with a simple hand gesture you will be able to fill up that holiday photo album.

Gestoos for dashboard control

Gestoos Artificial intelligence understands simple gestures and maps them to the dashboard control. With Gestoos,drivers can accept or reject calls from their mobile devices, control the temperature, adjust the music volume or switch to another track. And that’s just the beginning.

Gesture control solution

We have identified 14 types of simple gestures to fully control all actions within the car’s dashboard.

Intuitive user interaction

Most of your car’s functions can be controlled with just one hand. No need to press buttons, navigate through touchscreen menus or use funky voice controls.

Enhanced safety

Your attention stays on the road even while answering a phone call. Using simple gestures while driving enables drivers to stay focused on what’s important.

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