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We are a startup that focuses on computer vision and human-technology interaction. Our software platform represents a major breakthrough in gestural interaction and human behavior understanding, thanks to proprietary developments in machine learning and applied artificial intelligence.

Our vision is that spaces and devices will become intelligent to understand and anticipate people needs. Our mission is to put the “brains” (software) behind all those “eyes” (cameras) that surround us. And do it while respecting people’s privacy and intimacy.

We will be one of the companies leading this revolution. We are one of a kind in our field, at global level. We are growing very fast and attracting great interest, endorsement by customers and public and private funds.

Time to join Gestoos!

Positions available:  

IXD/UI Designer Intern

Job brief

As our Interaction Designer (IxD) you will be responsible to support the Experience Design of our platform and all products. Your primary mission will be to understand our business needs and product requirements and transform that understanding into user-focused and intuitive products and interfaces.
You will work on bringing our visions and concepts to life, bridging the imagination gap between our technology and its application areas for our clients.
Your challenge is to adapt your design experience to the new paradigm of gestural interaction and rethink the traditional interfaces.
You have experience in building prototypes using tools such as: processing, Java, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Open Frameworks.


• Establish meaningful Interactions and guidelines for interfaces of e.g.: technology demos, software
• Designing User Experiences from low-fidelity sketches to hi-fidelity pixel perfect prototypes
• Creating rapid prototypes to validate design concepts with stakeholders and customers
• Staying up to date with UX trends and looking for creative ideas and inspiration
• Highly detailed communication of design principles + direction


• Strong portfolio that demonstrates systematic and creative design thinking as well as a deep understanding of UI/UX best practices.
• Strong ability to recognize and predict use cases and user interactions, including mental models as well as edge and corner cases, and incorporate them into designs.
• Ability to manage time wisely across projects and competing priorities, meet agreed upon deadlines, and be accountable for work.
• Strong problem-solving skills
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills (the ability to effectively sell an idea)
• Fluent in verbal and written English communication
• Team player attitude with solid positive energy. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work independently and collaboratively

How to Apply

Submit your cover letter, CV and examples of work in English via email to

Visual Designer Intern

Job brief

In your role as a visual designer, your day-to-day tasks will consist of creating visually engaging, innovative and functional designs for a wide variety of contexts and media. One key aspect of your design approach is to take on new challenges and immerse yourself in new contexts quickly. Design tasks involve e.g.: digital design for our software solutions, website, social network appearance, marketing brochures and other communication materials, as well as CI work and print material, or illustrations and title designs for movies.

You will also work on bringing our visions and concepts to life, visually bridging the imagination gap between our technology and it’s application areas for our clients.

Your challenge is to adapt your design experience to the new paradigm of gestural interaction and rethink the visual traditions of Interfaces.


• Establish the look and feel for various interfaces such as technology demos, software, web and mobile devices
• Create and work within brand guidelines to design layouts that reinforce our brand’s style or voice
• Design logos, icons, infographics and concept sketches
• Work on marketing items, presentation and interactive event materials
• Design user-centered wireframes or screen mockups
• Create and organize production assets


• Outstanding eye for details and proven ability for quality management
• Well organized and dedicated, with the ability to work on multiple projects and deliver refined design in a short time
• Highly responsible for project progress and with the ability to prioritize tasks, communicate progress and meet deadlines
• Self-learning, able to learn new tools quickly and work in a fast evolving environment and with changing priorities and tasks
• Proven ability delivering high quality designs
• Proficient in Adobe suite software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and other software. Experience with transitions, animation, motion design is a plus
• Strong problem-solving skills
• Excellent visual, written and verbal communication skills, along with presentation skills
• Fluent in verbal and written English communication
• Team player attitude with solid positive energy. Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to work independently and collaboratively

How to Apply

Submit your cover letter, CV and examples of work in English via email to

Creative Coder / Interactive Software Developer Intern

Job brief

The candidate will join the Gestoos team and will participate in the creation of new applications leveraging on Gestoos features to enable novel forms of interaction with media. The candidate will participate in the development of applications running on different sorts of interfaces and devices such as larges screens, videowalls, mixed reality applications involving spatial interaction with mixed media.

The candidate will participate in the projects from its conception in collaboration with our design team. Main goals will be to develop prototypes of visual animations, reactive visual effects and UI interaction patterns to then integrate and deploy this solutions for client projects in collaboration with the software development team.


• Development new interactive applications and prototypes
• Mid-to-high level programming to create unique applications for both large and small-scale interactive installations
• Adapt and extend knowledge as projects dictate
• Work effectively individually and as part of a team


• Experience Leading interactive projects: from conception to deployment
• Collaborating with teams of developers and designers and presenting to clients
• Developing real-time, interactive software
• Building cross-platform, multiple device solutions
• Front end web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
• Native application languages and frameworks: C++, OpenGL, OpenFrameworks and/or Cinder
• Familiarity with UI Design (i.e. basic design skill)
• Motivated and proactive with a strong sense of teamwork
• Excellent communication skills
• Fluent in verbal and written English communication

“Nice to have” experience in:
– 3D Game engines (Unity)
– Computer Vision, Kinect, mixed reality applications
– Android/iOS

How to Apply

Submit your cover letter, CV and examples of work in English via email to

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Research Engineer

Job brief

Human behaviour understanding is a key element to automate solutions for
– safety
– control and monitoring of manufacturing tasks in industrial facilities
– e-learning
– assistive solutions for elderly or handicapped
– security solutions among others

Human behaviour understanding is a complex task which requires multimodal information, such as data captured from sensors and prior knowledge of the common activities in such contexts.

The candidate will join the Gestoos Computer Vision R&D team and will lead the research and development of new solutions for human behaviour and action recognition leveraging on Natural Language Processing inputs. Main goals will be to exploit NLP techniques in order to reduce the need of large amounts of annotated visual data in human behaviour and action recognition tasks, enabling semi-supervised and unsupervised solutions.


• Prototype and develop deep learning driven computer vision and NLP algorithms to address tasks related (but not limited) to action recognition and behaviour recognition
• Develop tools to assist with algorithm development and testing


• PhD in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning or NLP
• High class University degree in computer science, electrical engineering or similar field of study
• Previous experience in developing classification, prediction and regression algorithms
• Proficiency in deep learning frameworks (e.g. The ano, Caffe, Torch, TensorFlow or CNTK)
• Fluency in C++ and Python. -Object-oriented design and implementation
• Experience analysing and improving software performance
• Strong track record of academic or industrial research, with an emphasis on solving real-world problems
• Motivated and proactive with a strong sense of teamwork
• Excellent communication skills
• Fluent in verbal and written English communication
• Age under 31 years old

How to Apply

Submit your cover letter, CV and examples of work in English via email to

Computer Vision Software Development Engineer

Job brief

The candidate will join the Gestoos Platform development team and will be able to build high-quality, innovative and fully performing software. The position includes the development and testing of real-time computer vision and machine learning methods and the development of prototypes and demo samples to showcase Gestoos new features to customers.

The candidate will also be involved in optimisation and hardware acceleration tasks to improve the performance of computer vision methods for embedded platforms.


• Design, development, and optimisation of low level and high level computer vision functions
• Design, develop and test hardware acceleration blocks for dedicated computer vision and machine learning functionalities: debug and resolve issues found within the existing codebase


• MsC and/or equivalent in the field of Computer Vision, Image Processing, Robotics and/or Machine Learning
• 3+ years experience with C++
• Fluency in Python
• Competence with libraries such as OpenCV, and/or deep learning frameworks (e.g. Theano, Caffe, Torch)
• Motivated and proactive with a strong sense of teamwork
• Excellent communication skills
• Fluent in verbal and written English communication

How to Apply

Submit your cover letter, CV and examples of work in English via email to

Operations Engineer

Job brief

Reporting to the COO of the company, your job will consist in delivering products to customers. You will be the bridge between product development and customer deployments. Working closely with the Product Design, Development and Sales teams, you will be responsible for:

– Product integration (software and hardware, either own or 3rd party)
– Product structure and costing (BOM)
– Product delivery Project Planning and Management
– Product and delivery Quality processes and systems
– Installation training (to 3rd parties)
– Adaptation of licensing model to customers’ needs
– Post-sale support processes and systems
– Prototyping support
– Operational planning and reporting


MUST have
• Engineering degree (mechanical, electrical, electronics, industrial, computers, IT, Telcom)
• Proficiency in English (verbal and written)
• Project management skills
• Quality assurance methodologies
• Excellent communication / negotiation skills
• Proactive, collaborative, team player

NICE to have
• Software licensing experience
• Computer Vision technologies
• Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
• Audio Visual technologies
• Planning & reporting skills
• Post-sale support experience
• Consulting / Training experience
• Willing to go to work to USA

How to Apply

Submit your cover letter, CV and examples of work in English via email to

Sales and Partner Manager

The challenge

The Sales and Partner Manager is a newly created position at Gestoos. It encompasses sales, channel partner management and key customer account overseeing. We have created it for a champion like you, that seeks opportunities to grow, to produce results, and to receive recognition for an amazing work.

At Gestoos, we are entering a rapid expansion phase in chosen markets and geographies that will make our platform available to customers in distinct market segments. Each market requires some level of adaptation of our gesture recognition technology, and a different sales motion.

By means of your experience, talent and career ambition, as a Sales and Partner Manager you will be cornerstone in orchestrating the onboarding of new strategic customers, in developing a network of go-to-market partners and, ultimately, in increasing sales of Gestoos.

Member of a highly collaborative team, you will create and maintain a solid feedback loop connecting the market, sales operations, marketing and our development and design teams.

This is a fast-paced role which demands flexibility, vision, ability to execute, to lead, to learn, to innovate, and to sell a product that brings currently inexistent capabilities to the customer.

What you’ll do

Reporting to the COO, and based in Barcelona, you will manage the whole customer acquisition cycle for Europe, including information analysis, prospection, information requests, crafting outstanding business proposals, developing solutions, and of course, negotiating and closing.
Coordinate an elite, contracted small sales team in US and UK (other countries will follow) to optimize effectiveness and efficiency across all WW sales activities.

Onboard a high-profile, hand-picked go-to-market partner network in the assigned geographies, and manage their success via performance management, data driven sales approach, funnel management and proper forecasting.

Collaborate with Product Marketing teams to influence not only the creation of marketing contents, sales tools and outstanding messaging, but to be part of the success in product launches, product demos or other activities to create awareness and to increase demand.

Collaborate with Product Development teams to influence product development in response to changing market dynamics and emerging opportunities.

Along with the Gestoos team, participate in industry events, trade shows, conferences, briefings, and prospection meetings.

What you need to succeed

You have strong orientation to success – company results, customer success, team success. You enjoy people and working in terms of personal and team contribution. You have a clear vision of where you are going, and how this opportunity fits in your career plan.
What drives you is a relentless curiosity and eagerness to learn, understand, innovate, and create value finding opportunities and designing solutions.

Experience leading the success of a distributed Partner / VAR network in a B2B2B environment with a high technological component in markets like retail or equivalent.

A prescriptive/consultative sales approach, and the ability to connect features and use scenarios of our platform with the strategic view of the customer and how it will make them succeed.
You love technology, are interested in AI and Computer Vision, and have the ability to explain why UX and IXD are relevant to the final solution.

You are an excellent listener and showcase a solid customer approach by outstanding diagnose, discovery and understanding of their needs. You are a “closer”. Moreover, you understand partnering with customers and growing together.

Organizational agility to understand economic fluxes, customer’s business models, value balance and what is at stake for all key players (who wins what, and how much).

You have the ability to work cross-functionally across marketing, product marketing and development teams, creating a solid feedback loop to the benefit of all.

You are an outstanding communicator, and exceed in diagnosing and qualifying, articulating amazing messaging, negotiating, reporting, mentoring, and providing or requesting feedback.

Strong analytical mindset, and the ability to assess impact and risk. A KPI champion, data driven and able to make decisions based on results and forecasting.

Ability to rapidly prioritize and react to changing market dynamics, change gears between tactic and strategic action/thinking, and planning and doing, and even reorienting the role as Gestoos evolves.

Able to travel to collaborate with Partners, attend customer meetings, and industry events.

You can cope with market changes and with the company changes of markets.

You are independent, accessible, and highly professional when connecting with all types of key players (user, champion, sponsor, etc.).

Ideally, you’ve had the “start from scratch” experience, and have instrumented the sales growth of a startup, making your mark in creating and designing sales operations and documentation.

Optimally, you come from a software licensing/SaaS environment, and have managed an indirect sales channel with resellers, system integrators, OEM and the like.

How to apply

Submit your cover letter, CV and examples of work in English via email to

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