Gestoos for digital signage and retail

Create immersive and engaging customer experiences for retail and public spaces.

Our Product Gestoos Z

Turn your screens into immersive playgrounds.

Think big or small. We can do both. Our Gestoos Z technology can support any screen set up that suits your needs. Contact us directly to talk about your project or check out our product brochures below.

Tailored UI design

Our interactive Videowall solution displays any content you choose. Every visual effect and animation is carefully designed to address the needs of your audience delivering natural interactions.

Multi-user Interactions

Visitors can choose their spot along the Videowall, enabling groups of visitors to explore different areas of the installation at the same time, without interfering with each other.

Audience analytics that matter!

Understand and track how your content is perceived. Our custom add-ons let you collect anonymous data on passers-by, such as gender, height, age, and level of engagement.

Are you interested in interactive displays
in stores and retail environments?

Gestoos Z offers turnkey installation and set-up. Our design templates and a content management system make it extra easy to upload, manage and update your assets. No development required!

Are you interested in tailor-made video walls
for events, museums or tradeshows?

Would you like to offer your customers unique, multi-user experiences at scale? Together we can design and develop engaging interactions on large displays, such as Videowalls, to suit your specific needs.

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