Easy and intuitive control of your home environment

Home automation

Control any home appliance with gestures

Gestoos can control your lights, sound system and media playback across different appliances in your home.
Any appliance compatible with HomeKit or Airplay is supported.

Do you have a specific project in mind?

Light Control

An intuitive way to adjust and turn the lights on/off without having to reach for a mobile phone or remote control.

Audio control

Instantly mute sound and adjust volume settings without gettingup from the sofa.

Media Control

Change tracks in your playlist, pause and play your favorite songs by using intuitive gestures.


Easy appliance customization

Use your home appliance device with gestures! On your tablet or smartphone, you can choose your connected device and assign a specific gesture to it.

Create your own

A single gesture can be used to trigger a specific action. The user can create their own “gesture + device + action” controls.

Context-specific gestures

Gestures can be context-specific, depending where the user is located in their home and their ‘connected appliances’. The same gesture can be used to control different devices.

Activity-driven experiences

Monitor and improve  your activity habits:
“If I spend more than 3 hours watching TV, alert me” or “When I am sleeping, adjust the temperature in the room”

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