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Gestoos SDKs lets you create and improve your own applications incorporating gestural recognition.
Here you will find all of the resources, documentation and information you need to get started with Gestoos.

Gestoos SDK

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For Win, Mac, Linux, Android and Linux ARM


Common features include: Hand Gestures, Hand Tracking, Body Gestures, HTML5 API, …

We’re always curious to see what our community creates with the Gestoos SDK. In order to offer what works best for you, get in touch with us and let us know which are your requirements.

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Gestoos SDK bundle for


Create apps in Java, Processing and C++

For Window


Our bundled Gestoos SDK with handpicked core features will jump start you into gestural recognition. This SDK works with all Orbbec cameras.

For users who have purchased a Orbbec camera and have registered the Gestoos Orbbec SDK bundle.

Interested in a supported depth camera?

Gestoos supports most of the depth cameras on the market. If you have any of these models, just plug it into your computer.

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