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Gestoos partnered up with Orbbec

We are excited to announce that Gestoos’s SDK is now embedded in the driver for Orbbec Astra series sensors. Get ready to start creating with gestural interaction in C++, Java and Processing. The SDK is now available for download on the Orbbec website. It comes with 6 static gestures which allow you to control your […]

Life After Mobile: VR and AR Will Be Powered by Multimodal Interactions

Our technological future is beginning to emerge from a fuzzy fragmented puzzle into a crystal clear vision of how we will interact with technology in a post-mobile world. Last week, Robert Scoble – tech evangelist and former Microsoft prodigy, announced on his Facebook page the revelation that he predicts will take place mere months from [...]


Exipple on the Invision blog

Despite being a technology company, we do not believe that it’s just technology innovation that drives novel, engaging user experiences. We have observed emerging user needs that require UX designers to rethink how we design for the future. To consider how we interact with technology in a more holistic way, with our devices, touch, gestural [...]

Hackex-i Workshop Day

Today was the day! Not only because we just saw a wonderful costume parade for Santa Eulalia, passing right outside our office in el Borne. We had an amazing turnover on the 1st Hackex-i workshop day! After a quick introduction to the Gestoos SDK, a buzzy conversation, the teams have started to brainstorm ideas on […]

Exipple demos at 4YFN 2016

First of all, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone of you who visited our demo stand at 4YFN, a start-up focused event which forms part of MWC 2016 in Barcelona. We are so happy for all your support and positive feedback! The 3-day event exceeded our expectations. Our stand was always full of buzz, excitement […]

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