The team

What makes Gestoos great
  • Germán León CEO / Founder

    German leads the vision, strategy and product and drives business development.

  • Andrea Halfpap CDO / Founder

    Andrea bridges the imagination gap between our platform and the products of our clients.

  • Marcel Alcoverro CTIO / Founder

    Marcel’s expertise is computer vision, machine learning, and technologies for understanding human activity.

  • Pau Molinas COO / Partner

    Pau leads customer-facing activities and internal operational processes.

  • Eliott Jones
    Eliott Jones

    Eliott is a strategic User Experience leader in interactive product design and digital brand experience.

  • Todd Stein
    Todd Stein

    Todd is an experienced CEO and COO of early stage technology (SaaS) and professional services companies.

  • Toni Hernández Computer Vision Scientist

    Toni’s work focuses on the development and improvement of the Gestoos machine learning core.

  • Katy Salgado Office Manager

    Katy supports Pau in operations by organising and implementing office procedures and systems.

  • Daria Tagliabue Concept Design

    Daria is supporting Concept Design work and is in charge of event management.

  • Daniel van Sabben Alsina Computer Vision Developer

    Dani maintains and contributes to the evolution of the Gestoos software platform.

  • Matteo Menna Machine Learning Engineer

    Matteo’s area of expertise is research and development in machine learning and Computer Vision.

  • Jorge de Juan Marketing Director

    Jorge leads the marketing work of branding, strategy and operational fields.

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