Gestoos partnered up with Orbbec

We are excited to announce that Gestoos’s SDK is now embedded in the driver for Orbbec Astra series sensors.

Get ready to start creating with gestural interaction in C++, Java and Processing.

The SDK is now available for download on the Orbbec website.

It comes with 6 static gestures which allow you to control your environment or media with gestures, make your apps smarter and interact with devices from a distance.

It also contains 3 dynamic gestures which let you explore endless possibilities:
you can select and “pinch”
or grab and drop elements. “Pointing” is destined to inspire gamified use cases, allowing you to zoom-in and out and explore a new dimension.
And last but not least, make the classic “swipe” an intuitive and fun gesture input for your individual idea- to intuitively navigate and move your content around. 

If you already have an Orbbec sensor visit the Orbbec website and download the special bundle SDK!

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