How to be a Spotify DJ without touching a computer


Ever wanted to control your playlist without interrupting that fun conversation you were having at your party? Now you no longer need to go to your laptop to switch to the next track.

Just a couple of things and your friends will remember your “invisible DJ” skills for years to come! Get a depth sensor and the new Gestoos App, with which you can control Spotify, iTunes, as well as VLC, YouTube, Vimeo and Quicktime (in case you opt for a movie night on the sofa rather than a party).


1. Get one of these depth sensor cameras and plug it into your computer

Any of the sensors below will work great. You just need to decide where to place it.  



2. Download and install the Gestoos App

Get the latest version for MacOS or Windows.


3. Practice the gestures in the tutorial

Here you will learn all five gestures that you can use to control your music and videos.


4. Select Spotify in the Gestoos App and then open your party playlist…in Spotify

All you need to do is have Spotify in focus on your computer, while letting the Gestoos App run in the background.



5. Ready to rock!

Start switching songs with the gestures you learned! The only side effect is….once your friends learn the gestures they will also be able to take control of the music! 

Find out more here! 

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