The Gestoos App Beta is here for you to play!

We have been cooking the new Gestoos App for you and everybody like you. Anyone who would like to enjoy new ways of interacting with applications through gestures. Just plug your depth sensor camera to your computer and experience interaction in 3D.

You want to adjust the volume of your music playing in Spotify? Done! There is no need to grab the mouse anymore. Just make a ‘shhhhh…’ gesture and it will lower the volume. If you don’t like the current track, just make a ‘next’ gesture with your hands to skip it.

You can also use Gestoos with Powerpoint, Keynote and Acrobat to impress with a dynamic presentation. With the App running in the background, you switch from one slide to the next without anyone realising how exactly you did that. Now you can even jump several slides forwards or backwards.

And if you like watching movies on your computer, you can create your own comfy set-up to control it from the sofa, without a remote. Use gestures to go fast forward or rewind and to adjust the volume with VLC, Quicktime, Vimeo, YouTube and Windows Media Player. Did we miss any of your favourite desktop apps? We hope not, but do let us know what you would like to control in the future using gestures.

And one last thing. The App has an area called the Gestoos Lab. This is a playground for our latest experiments with new gestures. They are still in early stages, but give you a taster of what is coming up next. We would love some feedback and suggestions on those demos!

Download now the new Gestoos App Beta for Windows and Mac!

We are very much looking forward to your feedback on this early release, as we are working hard towards making it as bullet-proof as possible.

Note: You will need to have a depth sensor camera to run the Gestoos App — check our list of supported sensors here.

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